For 2018 we have re-thought our vision for the Sentio B2B Networking Conference. The vital elements, essential to the network have been integrated into a broader, wide-ranging conference by combining with the inaugural 2018 AFS Global Conference | Global Competence: Our Future, Our Responsibility. 

Every year we build up the agenda around 5 blocks:

  1. Plenary sessions on relevant topics,
  2. AGM and accountability session,
  3. B2B meeting opportunities,
  4. Plenary and break out sessions on GCC and global competence,
  5. Member presentations.

Our (1) plenary sessions will open on 25 September at noon and will end with (2) AGM and accountability session on the morning of 26  September. There will be plenty of (3) B2B opportunities for those who arrive on 24 September and on 25 September in the morning, as well as throughout all days 25-28 September. Our (4) plenary and break out sessions on global competence will be integrated in the AFS Global conference starting on 26 September until 28 September. The Global conference is also the place for your (5) member presentations, be it for a wider audience than just the Sentio members. Specific “Sentio-relevant-only” presentations have lately moved to webinars, so please contact us if you wish to schedule one.

As such please see schedule below.

Schedule Overview

Options available for B2B Networking (24-26), Sharing and learning (26-28) or both.

24 Sept

25 Sept

26 Sept

27 Sept

28 Sept



Sentio: B2B Sessions

Sentio: Accountability session and optional workshops

Global Conference: Keynote and Panel Workshops

Global Conference: Keynote and Panel Workshops


Arrivals/ Sentio: B2B Sessions

Sentio: Opening and Plenaries

Global Conference: Optional workshops

Global Conference: Sessions and workshops

Global Conference: Sessions and Closing


Free Evening

Sentio: Cocktail Evening

Global Conference: Opening Cocktail

Global Conference: Optional Networking Dinner


The most up to date and detailed agendas can be viewed here:


The Sentio B2B Networking Conference

Building on the successes from Paris, New York, Kuala Lumpur and Santo Domingo, the Sentio B2B Networking section of the conference provides a unique networking environment for Sentio Members to get to know each other, discuss best practices and do business. Each year hundreds of B2B meetings ensure close collaboration across the network. 


A unique opportunity for cooperation on developing global competence

The urgency of today’s challenges requires a united action from all—educators, policymakers, community and business leaders—who are invested in a globally-connected, peaceful future. Let’s work together to create and align policies, tools and resources that empower educators to deliver these essential 21st century skills to learners at every life stage.


Global competence: Our future, our responsibility

As the world becomes more interconnected, economies more global, and communities more diverse, educating people of all ages to become globally competent and able to learn, live and work together is increasingly recognized as a necessity. The rise of isolationist politics, international conflicts and clashes of ideologies add even greater urgency to this need.

Why attend?

For Sentio Members this is a unique opportunity to combine our traditional 3 day Networking Conference with the AFS Global Conference and interact with a large and diverse group of peers. It will provide a first-of-its-kind opportunity for real alignment and cooperation among all sectors who have a stake in developing global competence, whether through adult mobility programs, in classrooms, lecture halls, study abroad programs, non-formal training environments or beyond.

Workshops and networking opportunities exclusively for Sentio Members foster close collaboration as we welcome new members and old to discuss their partnerships together.

“If we don’t get global competency right, we are building our education systems on sand.”

—Andreas Schleicher, Director, OECD Directorate for Education and Skills / PISA (worldwide assessment of education systems, to include global competence measurement for the first time ever beginning in 2018)

Important dates leading up the 2018 Sentio B2B Networking Conference & AFS Global Conference







Deadline for expressions of interest

Registrations launch

Deadline to submit proposals

Notifications of acceptance to proposal submissions

Early-bird registration closes

Registrations close

AFS Global Conference call for proposals

*Please note conference proposals are now closed for 2018.*

Sentio members attending the AFS Global Conference will have the chance to discuss and present best practices through panel discussions, concurrent sessions (workshops, panels, poster presentations), and Idea Dates—a unique format for meaningful, results-oriented small group discussions—that will be complemented by networking opportunities and an inspiring expo of best practices. 

Proposals can be based on best practices, innovative ideas, research findings and/or policy-oriented perspectives. They should address the conference theme and fit into one of the five conference tracks. Explore our guidelines for proposals.

We are working with Sentio Members to connect those interested in collaborating.  The deadline for expressions of interest is 23 February 2018. For those expressing interest, we will support you with your final submission.  The deadline to submit final proposals for concurrent sessions, posters and/or Idea Dates  is 12 March 2018.

Expressions of interest

*Please note conference proposals are now closed for 2018.*

We look forward to welcoming you in Budapest.

Global competence requires that we work together in alignment. Sessions in this track will bring together different stakeholders and identify roles and responsibilities required for each to make global competence a staple of formal and non-formal education around the world. This includes best ways to develop and implement meaningful policies, strategies, funding mechanisms and educational frameworks that ensure our institutions and educators are ready to help people become globally competent.


Discover Budapest

Conference venue

Hungary is a proud country where Eastern Europe meets the West. Its stunning capital of Budapest, once known as the “Paris of the East,” with the mighty Danube River paint a unique picture for the setting of the 2018 AFS Global Conference.

The event will take place in the Budapest Congress Center, the largest, most modern congress and meeting facility in Hungary.

Explore the conference venue

Participation fee

For detailed information on conference fees, please click button below.
  • Register before 4 June to benefit from the early bird registration fees of 300 Euros for the Sentio Event and 550 Euros for the AFS Global Conference. After this date, registrations will increase to 345 Euros and 625 Euros.
  • Sentio Networking event registration includes networking opportunities and plenaries as outlined above from 24th September to 26th September.
  • Conference registration includes access to all plenary and concurrent sessions, opening cocktail reception, expo hall, networking opportunities as well as coffee breaks and lunch on 27 and 28 September. Information about additional pre-conference workshops and scholarships for teachers will be announced as they become available. Please check back here to find out more.

Find out more and register


Support the 2018 AFS Global Conference

Partner with us and sponsor the 2018 AFS Global Conference. Your support will transform lives and make global competence education more accessible, relevant and actionable for all people worldwide. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of the conference, please contact:

Anna Treyer-Simakova
International Events & Project Manager
AFS Intercultural Programs
71 West 23rd Street, New York, NY 10010, USA
+1 212 361 9195 | [email protected]