Volunteer Abroad

Volunteering internationally is not just about  “giving back” but is an exceptional opportunity for our own personal growth. We offer a wide range of volunteer opportunities in sectors ranging from education, public health, environment, and more!

We have programs in well over 25 countries with a variety of durations—volunteer a week, a month, or a whole year!



We offer international internship placements, bringing together our global networks, expertise, and years in the field, with high quality internship providers. We offer programs in various locations globally designed to increase skills in your professional field while growing intercultural competencies. Through continuous training and coaching, our programs will guide learners through a unique experience that will make them stand out to employers.

Combining on-the-job experiential learning, cultural immersion, and structured reflection, our interns will gain the intercultural communication skills and awareness to help them succeed at work and in our globalized world.

Gain experience in anything from engineering and marketing to fashion and education while living in England, France, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Australia, China, Colombia, Hong Kong, or the U.S.


Study Abroad

We offer more than 50 programs in 19 countries in Europe, Asia, The Americas, and Africa. Imagine feeling at home living in places like Cape Town, Paris, Berlin or Quito. Sentio offers tertiary education programs working with our global Sentio Network. We’re not your normal college or university. In a way, we function like your home university or college except our classrooms are in exciting destinations around the world and are filled with a mix of local and international students.

Whether you’re living in a home stay with a local family, a residence hall, or an apartment, you will meet people who will change how you see the world. For an authentic experience, we believe that where you live should be reflective of how local students are living. Our goal is that when you leave your host city, it will feel like home.

We want to provide you with the highest quality academic and cultural study-abroad experience possible. With us, the city you study abroad in is part of your education. The city is your classroom. Our world-class professors will show you places tourists don’t get to see, and you’ll experience first-hand the people and places you’re learning about. Your studies will come alive.



Currently we are offering English language programs for adult learners of all levels. Choose from programs in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and the U.K.


Teacher Programs

The network offers programs for both current teachers and those looking to pursue a career in teaching. From programs specifically designed to enhance the skills of teachers to customized group programs, teachers benefit from cross-cultural immersion and intercultural skills that they can bring back to their classrooms.