Recruitment, integration, belonging, and retention

Universities’ outreach to international students has become an important – even vital – aspect of today’s academic reality. It expands options for students globally, creates diversity and internationalization on campus, and adds relevant revenue streams to a university striving to be the best in class.

With it come issues of integration and belongingness to ensure long-term success and retention, all within a competitive landscape and market, trying to attract the best and brightest from abroad. Many institutions have come up with a variety of ways to increase students’ integration and sense of belonging with social activities around campus, thorough orientation to the campus and local culture, host families and/or buddy connections.


A customized solution welcoming and supporting your international students

AFS Intercultural Programs, managing students living and integrating abroad for 71 years in 60 countries, poured its expertise in a blended learning educational program on intercultural learning and cultural adjustment. The program starts before a student arrives on campus, and brings your international students together in a customized and university-branded environment. The group of international students gets supported by a trained qualified facilitator, which might be one of your alumni, keeping your alumni engaged following their experience with you. You as a university have one extra high-quality asset to move beyond the slogan of ‘You’re welcome here’.

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What Higher Ed. Institutions think about the GCC

Leah Spinosa de Vega, Director, Global Initiatives & Off-campus Study, shared the following: “Augsburg University’s Center for Global Education and Experience (CGEE) recently held a training for faculty and staff for them to join as qualified facilitators for AFS’s Global Competence Certificate. Because most exchange and direct enroll programs provide little, if any, facilitated reflection of the student experience, Augsburg decided the modest investment in the platform was necessary if we plan to both grow our numbers of students on exchange, and remain committed to the students’ intercultural development.”.

See a sample from one of the 18 online modules:

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